SMS Kelantan as I Remember

This is a collection of stories and old photos of me, friends, teachers and events during my secondary school years (1975-79) at SMS Kelantan, which is now known as Sek Men Sains Tengku Muhammad Faris Putra. The school itself was started in 1973, and moved to the new campus in 1974 (you'll see grassless field in some pix!)

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Friday, May 25, 2007

PPM 1978

Our school was the host for the Pesta Perdana (Piala Perdana Menteri) 1978.

I am trying to locate some pix from the event, but only found this one:

Me with Mr Sharif manning the secretariate room (ground floor of Block A, Boys' Hostel)

Another one is this one:

The second pix was taken when we were watching the semi-final of the Malay debate between our schoon and STF). Norzaini Yasok is in the back row, left most, with me sitting next to her. Some cikgus there are Pengetua (Hj Hamdan), Ustaz Alwi, Cikgu Anuar , Cikgu Bakar, and Cikgu Yusof Ali(arwah).

By the way, the curtains that are shown in the first pix were sewn by the members of Home Science Club (of which I was the Presiden ;-) )! In fact ALL the hostel's curtains were sewn by us!

The Teachers - Then and Now

Pak Jitno Widodo

then (~1974 or 1975)

Now (May 2007)

Dr Tengku Abdul Aziz aka Kujit

then (1976)

Now (May 2007)

Ustaz Alwi (Pen Kanan)

then (1976)

Now (May 2007)

Mr Sharif (Biology Teacher, now retired)

Then (PPM, 1978)

Now (May, 2007)

Watch out!! More to come!! And thanks to Pakdin for some of the pix

Then and Now (Part II)

Hamzah (74-75, 76-77)

Tok Was Rosli

Friday, May 11, 2007

Then and now!

Rosli Hussein aka Pakda


Kamal (74-75)



Kak Normah "Rugged"



Idris (74-75)



Noorhayati Ab RAZak (73-77)


Rosilah Said (Beta 74-78)


Husnan (Alpha 74-78)



Yasmin Mahmood (Beta 78-79)

Then (I am trying to locate a better pix)


Mazlin Mokhtar



Ezani Mohd Nor



Ahmad Hilmy Abdullah

Then (1978)


Razali Mat Zin


I am building up this page :-)
Anybody care to help me? Just e-mail the relevant pix :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Speechdays (1976-79)

I just got back from my alma-mater for a similar function yesterday. Seeing the kids going up the stage to receive their prizes reminded me of my time over 30 years ago!!

When I was in form 1 (1975), I don't think there was one. But I could be wrong, since even if thee was, I would not be invited anyway - they prizes were given for achievement made a year earlier.

Way back in the 1970s, prizes were given for best in subjects as well as the positions in each form. Nowadays, the function is only to honour students who got 8As in PMR and those who did well in SPM - no longer with focus such as "Best in Subjects". I don't blame the school. For intance, last year (2006), ALL the SPM candidates got 1A each for Bahasa Malaysia!! That's a perfect score for all the BM teachers!

Let's look at some of my old pix:

The VIP was En Omar Hashim, the then Director of the Examination Unit (Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia), Ministry of Education. I was told that he was a good friend of our principal, Mr Mahadzir Hashim.

I have written a bit about this speechday earlier. Click here to read it.

I was lucky to be among those who received some prizes on that day:

Note, Mazlin was behind me :-)
Oops! 1 hand only, Sabariah? Or the left hand was a bit late...

Now I am pretty sure it was our First Speechday, because we also had some exhibition put up for our guests that day. I was also instructed by my Homescience teacher to embroider a picture that she had chosen (my goodness, I have forgotten her name! Was it Cikgu Khatijah? or Cikgu Zainon?). Later, I was told that the framed pixture would be the gift from the students, and I was given the honour to present it myself!! Here's the pix:

I had to be in the Homescience Sewing Room for 2 full weeks to get the picture of a sitting up cat with flowers ready. I remember having to unpick some of the stitches when they were not up to the standard!

The above very clear pix were taken by Johny Wong of Wong Photographer. At RM1.50 per piece, it was very very expensive, but now, the pix are priceless. Just look at the quality! The other pix were not taken by him :-(


This was the year when the school started a policy that only the Menteri Besar will be the VIP. For 1977, it was Dato Muhamad Nasir, who came.

Note that it was Mazlin again behind me! :-)
He was much taller then, as compared to the year before.

The Menteri Besar was then Dato Muhammad bin Yaacob:

Again, Dato Muhammad bin Yaacob.

Well.. that was it then :-)