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This is a collection of stories and old photos of me, friends, teachers and events during my secondary school years (1975-79) at SMS Kelantan, which is now known as Sek Men Sains Tengku Muhammad Faris Putra. The school itself was started in 1973, and moved to the new campus in 1974 (you'll see grassless field in some pix!)

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Music Club (1975)

All pix courtesy of my best friend, Nury.

I was the one standing 3rd from right:)

I didn't know what society/club to join when I was in Form 1, being my first year in the school. Since I played a bit of the recorder when I was in primary school (and I love singing), I thought joining the Music Club was just appropriate. From the pix, I gathered that my other female classmates (Nury, Ita, Jenny, Puyah & Aloyah) joined in too.

1975 & 1976 were the best years, as far as the Music Club was concerned. There was no "dakwah" yet. At the end of the term we always had some "show" in the Main Hall, so I supposed the weekly activities were to prepare for that night.

One of the nights was called "Malam Musika" (Musical Night), as can be seen from the "hanging golden letters" in the pic below:

There was another ocassion when it was called "Musical Night". I think there was one that was called "Musical Evening". The end-of-term show was something that most of us looked forward to :) .

During these shows, some of the talented ones, like our own Ita would sing some "latest hits" songs. There were a few regulars whose singing we enjoyed (including Ita). Some teachers also took the opprtunity to sing too. I remember Cikgu Bahar sang "I Started A Joke" and Cikgu Ku Jit sang "Bridge Over Trouble Water".

Only a few years ago, a senior, Pakda, told me that for one of the shows (I think it was in 1975), it was the band "Carefree" that came to acompany our singers! Oh, yes, we had live bands! Carefree was still not known yet then. They became a hit only in 1979 with the legendary Rindu Bayangan!

For the "Malam Musika" above (1975), we, the form 1 girls had to put up fancy dress show. Since I had long hair, I was asked to be the evil witch. Aloyah was dressed as a bride:

Can you see me holding a broom? Hahaha!! Mek Rock dresses up as a tennis player, while Nury was dressed as a school girl (right?). The MC for the night, who can be seen interviewing Aloyah above, is now a dental surgeon!

now, apart from the talent show, thr Music Club also had parties at the end of each term (we used to have 3 terms in those days). The first one was this one, where the available pix are all in black and white. The menu was so simple - sardine sandwiches, some cordial drinks and peanuts. I don't remember us having fruits, though we might probably had some.

We played games like the musical chairs. I don't think the following pic was taken during the musical chair game, but we certainly had fun there. If you look closely, you can see that there were THREE persons sitting on one chair - Ita, being the smallest, tried to sit on Aloyah's lap. Aloyah was actually sitting on mine! Aloyah was in yellow, while the checkered skirt is Oji's! This pic was taken during the party that we had in the main hall, after which we had the group photo (top of this page) taken. The above group photo will show the face of the person who wore the checkered skirt!

There was another party that we had in a classroom:
Can you see the plates? They wwere all empty! Not much serving anyway..

During this party, we however had some fun:

Balloon dance?:

Wow! I bet you can't have that now, can you?? For the dance, it had to be a boy and girl couple! I remember I did not do it.
I just sat and watch others went for it:

In the above pic, it's the dental surgeon again, who happened to be sitting next to me.

We certainly knew how to have fun!

Maybe I should blog separately about end of term parties? We used to have those too, and we even wrapped the harmless florescent lamps with coloured crepe paper to get the "night club" effect! It was a trend then, until Ustaz (the Head warden) came to scold us, and asked us to unwrap the lights, because our hostel began to look like a night club from outside, and thr public were not happy, I bet! Hahaha!!!

On the other hand, maybe I shouldn't because I don't have any pic to show (though some of my friends still do). In the dormitories, it was an ALL GIRLS event, so anything goes! Some had their parties with home-made "bare-back" (tie and fold) dresses, sexy nighties, etc... :-)

Those were the days, my friends...


  • At April 20, 2009 8:18 AM, Anonymous Nury said… are right, those were the days. As for the ballon dance, I remember that I did it, with Mek Ta. Looking at the 4th picture, wonder whether Puyah will make it to the reunion. InsyaAllah Ana, Mek Rock, Mek Ta and I will be there. Tak sangka pulak banyak gambar kita dengan arwah Aloyah. The picture of us with the dental surgeon was taken the day after the event -- just happenned to wander around with arwah when we were requested to be in this picture ;)


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